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Submit Your Proposal AIGA Design Conference

How to Submit a Proposal

Final Proposal Deadline: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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    Notifications: Mid-June

    Theme: Margins

    For the 2024 AIGA Design Conference, we're seeking proposals that resonate with our theme for this year: "MARGINS." Margins represent spaces of opportunity, challenge, and innovation. Whether it's standing out in a crowded market, centering marginalized communities, embracing experimentation and failure, or redefining success, Margins encapsulates a spectrum of possibilities for design.

    We invite industry professionals, educators, and graduate students to submit proposals that connect with one or more of the subthemes below:

    1. Competitive Margins: standing out from the crowd and finding an edge in the market 
    2. Innovation at the Margins: centering marginalized communities, emergent practices, pushing boundaries, recently-possible technologies, and sustainable transitions
    3. Margins of Error: experiments, mistakes, failures, and what we can learn from them
    4. Margins of Victory: design for democracy, get out the vote (GOTV), and mobilizing movements for change
    5. Profit Margins: entrepreneurship, measuring value, new business models, and redefining success 
    6. Scribble in the Margins: doodles, sketches, commentary, and critique

    You can also propose your own interpretations of “MARGINS”.

    We are accepting proposals (300 words or less, with three bulleted attendee takeaways) for any of the following (multi-line text field):

    • Design Dialogue (a socratic seminar-style group discussion—using questions to advance the conversation with the audience—on an important topic, limited to 45 minutes or less)
    • Panel Discussion (a maximum of three presenters around a theme, limited to 45 minutes or less)
    • Presentation (limited to 45 minutes or less)
    • Workshop (limited to 2 hours or less)
    • Other (we're excited to hear your innovative and interactive ideas for a virtual setting)

    Takeaways may include resources, frameworks, case studies, advice, and anecdotal experiences. 

    We encourage proposals that promote collaboration, diverse perspectives, and dialogue. Proposals that center the virtual attendee experience are highly valued.

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