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Submit Your Proposal Now! AIGA Design Conference

How to Submit a Proposal

Proposal Deadline: Friday, April 28, 2023

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    For the 2023 AIGA Design Conference in New York City, we invite industry professionals, educators, and graduate students to submit proposals that address ideas and topics connected to the theme “The View From Here.

    Notifications: Late-May/mid-June

    Theme: The View From Here

    Design, as a practice, has undergone many shifts over the course of its history—from the early days of print-making and type-setting to the branding and identity design that emerged in the middle of the last century, and to the web and app-based design prevalent in the 21st century, and recent rise of artificial intelligence today. Even now we continue to build our foundation; brick by brick and design by design as our structure evolves to become beautifully unique and diverse, strengthened by the sum of its parts.

    “The View From Here” invokes a sense of aspiration. As we look forward from where we are, it welcomes and values the perspectives of all. It is timeless but also in the moment. It can create a sense of rejuvenation, intrigue, and optimism.

    Through listening, reflection, iteration, and professionalism, we push our practice forward and improve the outcomes of our work. As our influence and potential grows, we must be accountable to the world around us. We must persist in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, while remaining grounded in the stories we tell through our work.

    Share your View

    Proposals might address questions of where design can and should happen; how design does and should manifest itself in our homes, schools, communities, towns, governments, and organizations; what issues and focuses should be taken up by design; who gets to design; and what designers should be doing to ensure a vibrant, sustainable, diverse, inclusive, and equitable future for all.

    Proposals are due by Friday, April 28, 2023. Member submissions will be prioritized. Join or renew today!


    We are accepting proposals (300 words or less, with three bulleted attendee takeaways) for each of the following (multi-line text field):

    • Design Dialogue (a socratic seminar-style group discussion—using questions to advance the conversation with the audience—on an important topic, limited to 45 minutes or less)
    • Panel Discussion (a maximum of three presenters around a theme, limited to 45 minutes or less)
    • Lightning Talk or Short Presentation (limited to 10 minutes or less)
    • Presentation (limited to 30 minutes or less)
    • Workshop (limited to 2 hours or less)
    • Studio Tour (limited to 45 minutes or less, local* studios only)

    *local studios are defined as studios located within 45 minutes by public transport from midtown Manhattan  

    Takeaways may include resources, frameworks, case studies, advice, and anecdotal experiences.
    We encourage proposals that promote collaboration, diverse perspectives, and dialogue.

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